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Dog Wheelchairs for Pet & other Small Dogs in the USA

Dog Wheelchair - XB500Dog Wheelchair - XB500


Dog Wheelchair - MB900Dog Wheelchair - MB900



Dog Wheelchair - MS250



Dog Wheelchair - SP900



Dog Wheelchair - RZ700



Dog Wheelchair - RZ500



Dog Wheelchair - CB250



Fashioned perfectly to assist your smaller dogs with walking. Especially the one with wounded spines, broken leg, wounded feet. This wheelchair is fashioned and packed with a whole lot of benefits, such as the following:

  • Its durable: it's made with durable light weighted aluminum, which ensures an anti-roast and ensures your small dog can jump around while in the wheelchair without struggling with it. It also washable and can be disassembled and assembled right back after washing. It’s also fashioned with a lightweight dense foam wheels alongside rubber tread finishing to ensure your dog is never injured from the wheelchair.

  • Comfort: the wheelchair is a very comfortable one. It's not heavy, so your dog can run around with it and stay happy. It also eases you of some stress, as your small dog can pee and poop right in the wheelie, this ensures you don't have to take it off the wheel every time it has to do any of those.

  • Fun & Exercise: the wheel will also ensure your small dog have some fun while in it, although it might seem scary for other dogs around for the first few days, but ones they get accustomed you can be rest assured that your small dog can play alongside other dogs while in its wheelchair. It can as well be used as an exercising tool for your dog.

  • Health: if you're in the US then you should be aware that vet doctors suggest wheelchairs for your dog, especially the handicapped ones as it helps them get back to normal life and ensure they are healthy all their lives.

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